Empowering Your Stay...

...with people who understand your needs

Home sharing by people with disabilities 

for people with disabilities. 


Dwellability gives you hope to travel where you wish, regardless of disability, 
and find a supportive home and community when you arrive at your destination. 

We are still in beta mode, building and testing everything.
We welcome your help to create Dwellability as a place for you.

How can you help to build Dwellability?

From our experience as both travelers with a disability and as guests hosting others with similar disabilities, there is a need for a connection of community to provide adequate travel housing, guidance and services.  In addition, long-term roommate availabilities are being asked for by the people we have encountered.

Guided by the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute (Leslie eLab) and the NYU Silver School of Social Work, we have spoken to and heard from many individuals in the community, spanning many different types of disabilities at many events including expos and parades.  One-on-one interviews, hearing firsthand the problems that the community encounters when traveling.  We look to eliminate some of the extra steps that are currently needed to ensure adequate accommodations.  

We are also looking to empower the community and give them the opportunity to take advantage of this new trend in travel - staying with someone who understands your disability or being a host and getting paid to help meet the travel needs of others.

We need to continue that exploration and are looking to interview 50 more people.

So, if you are interested in providing your story, helping to build a community that works for you and represents you, we would love to speak with you.  Want to give us feedback on the Dwellability website?  Tell us how you book travel now?  What would make travel easier and better? 
Please begin by clicking HERE!.
We look forward to hearing from you and please pass this along to other members of the community.

Thank you!

Simply, What is Dwellability? 

Dwellability is an online travel and hosting community for people with disabilities who require unique accommodations. By selecting the type of accommodations you need, you can find accommodations that meet your needs, with the benefit of connecting with a host who understands from experience how to navigate their city. 

Who Should Join? 

For travelers with special needs, you can have peace of mind, knowing where you stay is a good fit. Communication with your host before you book allows you to ask questions about the listing and learn more about the location and places of interest. 

For hosts, you share a lot in common with your guests who understand and respect your own unique needs if you do have a disability. You may be someone with a family member with a disability and wish to share your home with a guest who needs similar accommodations. You offer something invaluable - a disability that might be limiting on another hosting site is an asset on Dwellability. 

Member Experiences 

 Sara, host
I would never have thought I could be a host on a regular travel site since I am hearing impaired. With Dwellability I know my guests will also speak ASL. I've met so many great people travelling and hosting and I love the online community. Recently I told a friend about the roommate finding feature and she found a great apartment to share with someone who speaks ASL. 

Jose, guest 
parent of a wheelchair user
I love Dwellability because I can find a place that will work for me and my family. If I have questions, I know the host can help answer them. The best part is being able to ask about what sites are accessible and simple things like the best restaurants to accommodate a wheelchair.  Learning firsthand about the host's favorite places to go is better than any guidebook or internet search can offer. 

Christine, guest
environmentally sensitive
I'm travelling places I never would have thought I could. I can't stay in a hotel because of my environmental sensitivities but I can travel safely with Dwellability. 

What you will find inside Dwellability once you join:

Thank you for visiting and we hope we can enable your travels whether they are just down the road or hours away.