PLEASE HELP! HOMELESS Looking For Mold And Chemical Free Housing

I've been homeless for 2 years now trying to survive in New England. I have been diagnosed with CIRS (Mold illness), Chronic Lyme, MCS, heavy metal toxicity, Hypothyrpid and emf sensitivity.

I definitely need something as close to completely mold and chemical free and low EMF as possible.

Pet friendly is a plus. I had to give my beloved toy poodle to a family member when I ended up on the street. Almost two years now I've been trying to get him back. He would help me deal with my illnesses and situation so much better. He's almost 14 years old, very small (8 lbs) very well behaved and trained. He's hypoallergenic so no dander ( he has hair) and he does not shed at all.

I am quiet but have a good sense of humor, respectful, clean and responsible. I've been sick going from bad place to bad place so I haven't been very functional but can take care of myself and motivated to heal and regain my life. I believe in a good place I can start to heal and would be willing to contribute so much to keeping a place clean. I'm also very easy to get along with though I do like my privacy at times.

Looking to rent a room or possibly look for something with someone with similar needs.

Last winter I tried to survive living in my car in New England and almost didn't make it.

Looking for something in the RI/Mass area but I'm willing to relocate anywhere there's a clean, safe home as well to open up more options. A home of any sort right now could mean the difference of surviving this or not.

Thank you so much for reading.

Roommate Details:
Age 18-24
Age 25-34
Age 35-44
Age 45+
MCS Criteria:
Mould free
Air purifiers
VOC free
Non-toxic kitchen
Non-toxic bathroom
Chemical-free mattresses and bedding
Non-toxic furniture
Host Assistance, Concierge:
Airport transportation recommendations
Restaurant recommendations
Entertainment recommendations
Local flavor recommendations
I'll show you around town
Tell me what you need or want to do
Room Type: Shared Room (your own bed in a shared space)
Accommodates: 1 Person
Number of Bedrooms: 1
Number of Beds: 1
Number of Bathrooms: 1
Family/kid friendly
Pet friendly
Air conditioning
Garden/patio/outdoor space
Smoke detector
Carbon monoxide detector
No smoking
Listing created Nov 4, 2019

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Lisa G

2 years ago

Hi, are you still looking for housing? I would like to talk more, as we seem to have the same needs. Thanks

Lana H

1 year ago

Hi!! We have similiar needs, I am in Massachusetts. I have a cat and am looking for a house with some physical accessibility but for the most part adding a ramp is probably all I'll need.

The amount I can afford per month is low, only about $300 or under. With that being said are you open to teaming up with someone as roomates to maybe increase the chances of finding a place?

Denise B

1 year ago


I have same needs and am in the Western US in search of a place, same reasons as yours.

I see that you have had a couple of responses.. Im hoping that all of you worked out out and are stable, if not contact me.

Im thinking big home, several people, same needs.

Lisa B

1 year ago

Hi Denise,

I'm still searching.

Where abouts are you located? I would definitely be opening to sharing with other EI folks. Esp for the winter. It gets brutally cold and snowy here so trying tofigure this out asap.

Thank you so much for commenting on my post.


Denise B

1 year ago

Im n Las Vegas, or Pahrump right now.

According to winter forecasts, this area, the area just below on the map(the border of Calif/Arizona), and along the coast will not be in the extra cold La Nina pattern. the West coast is pretty much out of the question between the fires and the Northern cold..

I can't drive yet so have been having food delivered from Thrive and Imperfect foods.

I have been on hold as far as committing to a place to live because I couldn't manage on my own and because Im at the possible end of a workman's comp injury, that ended up being a big deal as it helped trigger ME.

Im feeling VERY ready to find a place before the cold sets in.

And so we meet.

I realize it is later where you are, I need to go eat, and you may well be at the end of your day, but we can chat some at our convenience and I will look forward to brain storming.

Thank you for responding!

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