Theresa S

Hi m-46 and I'm using speech to text so please excuse the lack of punctuation I'm in a nursing home in Ohio only because I'm homeless and I brought my foster mother home on the bus because she had dementia I think I guess what's up I'm currently raising money for my first and last months rent I'm looking to share a room with somebody $500 a month when I get SSI in Colorado I only need help with my bowel care to which I will be asking Colorado Medicaid to assist I need less than 2 hours a week daycare but because I don't transfer out of my chair I stay in it 24/7 Ohio can't help me because of the way the housing in the services are my best friend is in Colorado but I can't live with her Ohio is just not appropriate for me I was in foster care here and I moved away to get away from people the Florida lost everything hurricane Matthew and came out west but the housing waiting list was too long good. I do everything for myself except the thing mentioned I love cats dogs are okay too and kids don't bother me I was hoping to get a companion animal. And I'm willing to work part-time when I get to Colorado if I can find work considering I was self-employed in Florida thank you l anywhere in Denver or club close to Denver would be good because I go to the hospital at Denver health thank you

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