Information about Dwellability


Finding a placed to stay when you have a disability is now easier!

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Dwellability started as an idea between two friends with disabilities over a cup of coffee. Why did it have to be so hard to find a safe, appropriate place to live or visit? We dreamed about creating a way to connect people across the full spectrum of disability because as a community, we know we are a powerful force, but society simply isn't meeting our housing needs. 

So we started working on Dwellability as a solution for connecting people who need a home with those who have space to share. Pretty simple, right? We hope you will join our community and let us know what we can do to make the site do its absolute best for you! 

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Elizabeth & Jeff

What is Dwellability? 

Dwellability is an online travel and hosting community for people with disabilities who require unique accommodations. By selecting the type of accommodations you need, you will not only find a place to stay that meets your needs, you are connecting with a host who understands from experience how to navigate their city. 

Who Should Join? 

For travelers with special needs, you can have peace of mind, knowing where you stay is a good fit.  Communication with your host before you book, allows you to ask questions about the listing and learn more about the location and places of interest.

For hosts, you share a lot in common with your guests who understand and respect your own unique needs if you do have a disability. You may be someone with a family member with a disability and wish to share your home with a guest who needs similar accommodations. Either way, you offer something invaluable to fellow members of Dwellability.