looking for wheelchair accessible place to rent

I also have a lot of environmental allergies so it has to be non smoking and no/low scent.
I am on SSI so my income is low.
I have a cat who is well behaved.
I can likely pay for a ramp if there's a few steps, too
I use a manual wheelchair, it's not very wide and I can get through most doors.

I'm looking to move in October or November.

Roommate Details:
Age 18-24
Age 25-34
Age 35-44
Age 45+
Step-free entrance
Entrance doorway at least 32 inches
Step-free bedroom
Bedroom doorway at least 32 inches
Electric / adjustable bed
Clearance beside bed
Clearance under bed
Step-free bathroom
Bathroom doorway at least 32 inches
Roll-in shower
Grab rails
19" ADA toilet
Emergency pull cord
Hoist options
Host Assistance, Concierge:
Airport transportation recommendations
Restaurant recommendations
Entertainment recommendations
Local flavor recommendations
I'll show you around town
Tell me what you need or want to do
Room Type: Private Room (your own space in a shared home)
Accommodates: 1 Person
Number of Bedrooms: 1
Number of Beds: 1
Number of Bathrooms: 1
Family/kid friendly
Pet friendly
Air conditioning
Garden/patio/outdoor space
Smoke detector
Carbon monoxide detector
No smoking
Listing created Aug 23, 2020

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Becky W

1 year ago

I need get back to the staunton VA.area for months I have very severe ME n Severe FIBRO.etc many other chronic illness I'm very n stay very weak n exhausted my severe ME n etc.i have mostly live in dark arms no lud sounds noises nor brite lights strong smells all set my sezuries off

I moved up closer I thought to get lot better medical care back this past Dec 2019

I have to n live very quite I love others but very more exhausting I cant b around my 2 Beautiful adult kids very long back in VA r grandkids but least I b back near them n feel n be much safer drs at hospital n all as with EMTS n police no it's not safe where I live loud trains etc keep on giving me sezuries n I'm homebound over 35 yrs like covd 19V I have many Autoimmune diseases so I've had live more less like in a so call bubble for yrs others take personal what I n all us 1 million missing world wide severe ME/MES

CFS etc.

Sufferers need best for us n lot want to think cuz I'm sick they can take over r tell me us how to live r what to do no way!!

I wld love to b able to fine someone a woman who is settle dwn no kids r others around as I love but not able b around I get weaker more exhausted but a last who is pt n kind n can help me my groc n take my trash out clean that I can add lil more on rent r if back in VA I'm so beyond urgent ER.move for months if I cld fine someone really nice n honest n dependable to share a home with n I stay to cuz have to myself n hopefully I can get my VA medcaid back on board to help pay for someone r know of a vol services can help get my groceries take trash out chk mail n clean but it wld have all b 1 x a week n that's draining in itself I've lived in assut living n nursing facilities sorry SUCK!! To loud not able b around all n way to many grems etc not being at all picky I wish my very severe ME etc was oh so that simple not attitude

At all

But very PHYSICALLY n I'm also on a WALKER lil bit n a nice right good size power chair that is made design for my back neck back n legs lumbar n spinal cord injuries n disorder after all 53 yrs been sick n all I'm beyond blessed b here still living but I dont want r need anyone that's sees this my comment get over whelm I've learn how to live this way it's most who dont no bout my severe ME etc big part medical n none who make lot worse on me n for me my severe ME etc as like all of us severe ME/ME CFS sufferers

I'm a really good loving CHRISTIAN honest strong will determine person n also a self


ME etc Advocate n I love art n music nature n animals mostly dogs golden Retriever but not able to have take out etc.im not able have listen to much music but on so low almost off for just a few mins I wear headsets anyway try help some noises cant not able fool with TV much either do love try to do GODs n my art with apps on my cell

I do belong to my Beautiful online Support group s for my physical chronic illnesses have lots of Beautiful bffs on there

Plz anyone that can really help me find a place back in the staunton VA area r fisherville waynesboro VA.they right next to asap wld I wld b ever so happy thankful grateful I do have n live from my ssi disability ty all best luck n my many heartfelt prayers for everyone b able fine a much happy affordable peaceful n safer nice home


Ty much

GOD Bless


Becky W

1 year ago


Just trying up date add few more things I can pay up to $300.

Mayb bable go $350.rent looking for very nice honest quite living respectful

Lady that is settled dwn.some what not loud noises to rent part home from handicap walker /powerchair with also bathroom big enough for both that's handicap Accessible n

NO smoking n

No brite lights/NOstrong smell's cleaning supply's etc.Perfumes etc.

NO gas fumes nor gas heat /No Steps in r out side /a wheelchair nice Ramp/ No loud trains music etc.nor loud barking dogs r loud people in the staunton VA.area/fishersville Va.n close surrounding areas AsAp!! As of months ago !! Need ER.medical move closer to my daughter n fam.n close to drs n get my VA.

Medcaid started back in VA.

I'm with out Drs./medcaid so diff.in state I live at /wont pay harly nothing nor for medical Transport/I got sicker run dwn more neighbors not suppose b smokinğ where I live NO Smoking at all!!had go dang gone ER.sat cld not catch my breath/nose bleeds vertigo/nausea sick!! Exactly what I advocare against !! Most very disrespectful as to my real physical disability severe ME etc.plz.anyone know someone has a place such as I've said I need n very ASAP!! ER.necessary medical move !! Ty all have a very nice blessed Safe GODLY Monday n week!! Peace mercy love n prayers for us all in this world help n respect n care for n about eachother !! Get along No matter our diff.much compassion n Humanity

G♡D love heal help protect us all!! GODs L VE

Inchrist B.W.


1 year ago

Hi Becky,

Please consider creating your own listing. Other members will see what you are looking for and help you meet your needs.


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