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Hello everyone, I have celiac disease I also have a baby guinea pig so if I really have to have a roommate you’re going to asked to be flexible with me having a baby guinea pig and I have to stay gluten-free I need some thing with a lot of room Something that’s like open concept something that’s easy to get around in I have serval palsy so I need some place to live that has open concept so I can get around OK.

I have a job: I have been at Portillos restaurant for 11 months now I like it there they like me there I have cross training too many positions since I’ve started I found this job on my own in the past I’ve had Trinity services help me and give me the tools what I need to have to find my own jobs and not rely on them so much... They didn’t really help me except for telling me what to say and give me the tools I had to go out on my own and go on my interviews on my own and I don’t think that was right so I like to stay in the Lincoln Way community area so I can stay at Portillo’s now if there is another Portillos in wherever I go I could probably see if I can transfer this is the only spot that they treat me really well Other places they don’t treat me real well so except for a Dominus that’s only place they treat me really well and imagine theaters but right now I’m at Portillos and I really like it and I am I’m good authority there.

I have lived on my own for six years in new Lenox Illinois I have a car I have a job I have a baby guinea pig and I’ve just moved into a rental house that has a cottage in town as a little over 1 mile down the road from where I used to live I’m looking to live in the next couple years somewhere else I have CP which is cerebral palsy and I also have EMH which means I am academically mentally handicap I can walk on my own I am play sports and go to church I like to go shopping on my own I preferably like to be on my own instead of having a roommate if it’s possible maybe assistant living setting because of myself Halsey I am prone to fall I need help paying my bills figuring out my money my parents are in their 70s there won’t be a lot around for long so I can like take the work out of them and put it towards something else I also would like to have somebody that will help me drive on slippery roads during the winter so when the weather is bad maybe have an alternative transportation...I have celiac disease so everything else to be gluten free and I am allergic to hazelnuts and shrimp...like to be in a community setting with people my age Right now my parents are my guardians but that will probably change to my sister when they pass on I like to take out some work out of her when they pass on and maybe somebody can help me with paying my own bills because I have trouble with money and figuring out what goes where.

Roommate Details:
Age 18-24
Age 25-34
Age 35-44
Age 45+
Autism Needs:
Outdoor space
DVD player
Legos in a box
Coloring materials
Hypoallergenic laundry detergent
Host Assistance, Concierge:
Airport transportation recommendations
Restaurant recommendations
Entertainment recommendations
Local flavor recommendations
I'll show you around town
Tell me what you need or want to do
Room Type: Entire Home (the place is all yours)
Accommodates: 1 Person
Number of Bedrooms: 1
Number of Beds: 1
Number of Bathrooms: 1
Family/kid friendly
Pet friendly
Air conditioning
Garden/patio/outdoor space
Smoke detector
Carbon monoxide detector
No smoking
Listing created Nov 1, 2020

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